In each family there is a story to tell. I have uncovered fascinating documents about a foundling, the (previously) unknown father of an illegitimate child, a speech given by a skipper who was founder of a skippers’ association, art made by a painter, a hidden address during World War II, the cause of death of eleven stillborn children in one family, the last words of a man sentenced to death in 1797, the story of three children who were the only members of their family to survive a tragedy aboard a ship, and much more.

As an experienced genealogist, I don’t claim anything as a fact without being able to present reliable sources. As a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, I adhere to their code of practice, which commits to a high quality of research.

Reading the testimonials of my clients you’ll see that they were impressed by my passion and excitement for the work, warm and personal style, thoroughness, genuine engagement, perseverance and the way I presented all documents through well organized booklets, and comprehensive genealogy charts.

‘ I was overwhelmed with Jan’s thoroughness, professionalism, and genuine engagement in his subject matter, my family’s story.  At one point in our time together, he admitted that he had become so wrapped up in the history of my ancestors, that he felt like one of the clan. With that level of total commitment, one is in very capable hands with Jan Deelstra! ’