Welcome. I’m Jan Deelstra,
a professional Dutch family
historian and genealogy expert.
Join me on a personal journey of
discovering your family history
and learn more about your
ancestors in the Netherlands.


There are many variables that have effect on the price of a Dutch Roots Tour: the necessary research, the length of the tour, the size of the group, the type of accommodation, the activities during the tour, the part(s) of the country you would like to visit, etc. A tailor-made tour, with a guide and transportation, does not go hand-in-hand with giveaway prices and sensational offers. But we are always happy to change the components of your trip to adjust to your budget. As soon as we get in touch, we can discuss the rough outline of your tour, your budget, and pace. Based upon this information, we will give you a price estimate.

To determine the length of your tour, many aspects have to be taken into consideration: the starting point, the family/families) you wish to focus on, and their place of origin, your pace, your budget, the components of the tour, etc. The minimum is one day and an average tour takes three days. Longer tours [up to a week?] make it possible to see more of the country or to dive deeper into the history of your family.

We guide everyone: from couples and single travelers to larger families (with children), or a group of friends as well.

Our focus is on the Netherlands, but if your ancestors lived on either side of the border, a drive to Germany or Belgium is also possible. And we would love to show you more of the Flemish part of Belgium. Cities like Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent are too beautiful to miss.

We will give you one total price. We always include the following:
• the costs of the research and planning of your tour
• the guide/driver
• the car with unlimited mileage in the Netherlands (fair use) and fuel
• The components of your tour as described in the itinerary are also included:
• accommodation
• bike or boat tours
• fees for local guides
• entry tickets
• additional local transport
• Gratuitous bottled water and Dutch sweets are available for you in the car. Other meals and drinks are not included.

Your guide will have a short break during the day, and will need a good night’s sleep to drive you around safely and offer the best service. Therefore, your guide’s working hours will follow an itinerary. In case of an emergency, you can always call your guide and he or she will do his or her utmost to help you.

Most of our clients are already in the country, staying in a hotel or lodging with relatives or friends. Our guides are available to pick you up wherever you like. That will be the starting point of your tour. If you like to start your tour immediately after arrival, we can pick you up at the airport, railway station, or cruise terminal. However, we strongly recommend you to start this trip well-rested, so you can fully enjoy the experience.

We try to be as flexible as possible. It is your tour and your holiday. In close cooperation with the guide, you can always ask to adjust the program. Sometimes you might want to stay longer at a certain spot or a conversation takes more time than was foreseen. Unforeseen circumstances like traffic, weather, or delays can also make it necessary to change the program.



‘It was an unforgettable journey into my family’s past, and Jan’s warm and personal style made it all the more memorable.’


‘We treasure our time with you. It was a marvelous adventure to the distant past. As you said it will take some time to digest it all! Most valuably, we won’t forget the conversations we had with you. They were intense, informative, and far-ranging. What an enriching time.’


‘Your joy for our project was certainly threefold:
1. Your perseverance with connecting all the clues no matter how obscure they began.
2. Your presentation of all documents through well-organized booklets, comprehensive genealogy charts that are easy to share with family members, and a “memory stick” with all documents and certificates.
3. Your capacity to be our tour guide as you drove us in your very comfortable car through Holland.’


‘Augmenting the family narratives with contemporary and historic descriptions, Jan Deelstra was able to set the context that made my family story come alive. One question which all of us descendants of immigrants inevitably ask is, “Why did they leave?” By unraveling the economic, religious, and social circumstances, which engulfed the Netherlands in the mid-1800s, Jan helped me comprehend the immense personal sacrifice — and overpowering surge of hope — which propelled my ancestors to make the hazardous and uncertain journey to the New World.’


‘We truly appreciate your assistance in putting together a wonderful experience. Our tour was memorable in every way.’


‘Jan is simply the best.’